Cecilia McDowall is another of the new generation of highly communicative musicians who favours writing which, without being in any way facile, is brightly cogent, freshly witty and expressive in its own right.

She constantly tweaks the ear with her range of spicy rhythms and colours then suddenly produces a highly atmospheric and grippingly expressive interlude which is just as compelling.

Concert Dates

  • 16 Dec, Keswick, UK
  • 17 Dec, London, UK
  • 18 Dec, California, US
  • 19 Dec, Bristol, UK
  • 20 Dec, Teddington, UK
  • 20 Dec, Essex, UK
  • 21, Dec, California, US
  • 21 Dec, Cincinatti, US
  • 21 Dec, New Mexico, US
  • 24 Dec, Cincinatti, US
  • 24 Dec, New Mexico, US
  • 31 Dec, London, UK

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Cecilia Mcdowall musical composer


British Composer Awards announce winners on 2 December, 2014

Cecilia McDowall's Night Flight has won the 2014 British Composer Award for Choral music !

University of Wisconsin-Madison news 

In February 2015 the School of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will host a short residency and concert series showcasing the music of Cecilia McDowall. (19-22 Feb)

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