Cecilia McDowall is another of the new generation of highly communicative musicians who favours writing which, without being in any way facile, is brightly cogent, freshly witty and expressive in its own right.

She constantly tweaks the ear with her range of spicy rhythms and colours then suddenly produces a highly atmospheric and grippingly expressive interlude which is just as compelling.

2014 British Composer Awards

Cecilia McDowall won the British Composer Award - Choral category - with 'Night Flight', for SSATB and cello solo. 

2016 British Composer Awards

Cecilia McDowall was shortlisted in the Choral category with her Three Shakespeare Songs, 'When time is broke' performed by the BBC Singers, conductor David Hill.

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Concert Dates

  • 2 Feb,     London, UK
  • 4 Feb,     Cheshire, UK
  • 5 Feb,     Edinburgh, UK
  • 9 Feb,     Caen, France
  • 11 Feb,    Suffolk, UK
  • 12 Feb,    Maastricht, Holland
  • 12 Feb,    Cambridge, UK
  • 17 Feb,    York, UK
  • 18 Feb,    Stockholm, Sweden
  • 20 Feb,    Surrey, UK
  • 22 Feb,    St Andrews, UK
  • 26 Feb,    New York, US
  • 1 Mar,      Cologne, Germany
  • 3 Mar,      California, US
  • 4 Mar,      California, US
  • 5 Mar,      California, US
  • 5 Mar,      Williamsburg, US
  • 12 Mar,     Minneapolis, US
  • 12 Mar,     London, UK
  • 17 Mar,     London, UK
  • 19 Mar,     Greenwich, UK
  • 25 Mar,     Cambridge, UK
  • 26 Mar,     Illinois, US
  • 1 April      Sussex, UK
  • 10 Apr,     London, UK
  • 22 Apr,     Cheshire, UK
  • 27 Apr,     Bedford, UK
  • 30 Apr,     California, US (premiere)

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Cecilia Mcdowall musical composer


December 2016  |  BBC Singers Advent Calendar

The BBC Singers present a new piece each day in December. On Day 4 they sing McDowall's 'Ave Maria' at this link:


Two new CD releases: The Sixteen and St John's College Choir, Cambridge

On 30 September The Sixteen release a new CD (Coro) which includes Now may we singen.

On 28 October St John's release a Christmas CD on the Hyperion label including O Oriens

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